Artificial Grass has just launched a branch in Bloemfontein. The well know businessman Mr. Hardus Erasmus is the proud owner of this new business opportunity which will be as successful as his paving business namely superior pave.

Artificial Grass is a product that will be make any garden, business social place, guesthouse or school look amazing in the summer and the winter. Keeping the landscape beautiful all year round and ensuring that the cost of maintenance is cut radically.

Art Grass Bloemfontein has a unique variety of products that will suite most spaces and budgets. It has even a natural look where all the grass has certain grains to differentiate the colours and costing is going to play a big role in South Africa where it is about 20% to 50% cheaper than most other supplier in the market.

Art Grass products is also available for those brave DIY installers. Prices will start from just over R119.00 / m².

Please do not hesitate and give Mr. Hardus Erasmus a call to discuss options and the correct products.