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Specializing in artificial grass and fencing products for almost every wall flooring and event.

Who we are:

I am, Mr. Hardus Erasmus, a well established business man from Bloemfontein and very successful in my paving business Superior Pave. I have been doing paving for more than 17 years and have 12 teams that can handle 1000’s of square of paving in a month.

I have embarked on a new business strategy to expand my already successful paving business to ensure I can give my clients a variety when wanting to cover a floor or wall area. This business is Arg Grass Bloemfontein which will cover various artificial products such as grass and fencing.

Our products can be used in schools, homes, business complex or offices. Just see our variety of products and gallery to give you an better understanding f how our products can be utilized.

The Advantage:

You will be dealing a with a business man that has been doing business in the Free State area form more than 17 years. Build up a loyal and credible track record. Having 12 teams of about 8 to 12 people each gets the work done.

Using the artificial products or paving cuts cost of maintaining you garden, wall or business area. Is green 100% of the year. Will look stunning 100% of the year. So the advantages can go on and on.

Should you require to see a sample or would like to talk to us about our products is easy. Just complete the contact form below and we will contact you.

Contact Information

Bloemfontein Area:

Mr. Hardus Erasmus

Phone: +27 71 608 4288


Bloemfontein Area

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Hours of Operation

Due to the digital age we are available to be contacted any time of the day via email, but prefer doing business via these hours:

Mon–Fri: 8am–5pm
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Sun: Closed

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